Educational Resources

Not only are these resources meant to serve people with FA and their families, they are also valuable to physicians, teachers, and family members. We encourage you to share them with anyone involved in the care of you or your loved one.

Fact sheets and videos: some quick references for an overview of FA and FARF. Informational videos provide more in-depth looks at some topics.

Fanconi Anemia: Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management: this handbook is for physicians who provide primary care for FA patients, as well as patients and families who wish to develop a more comprehensive medical understanding as they work to secure optimal treatment through consultation and appropriate referral. The guidelines are also available in Spanish, Italian, French, and Korean.

FA Family Newsletter: FARF publishes the FA Family Newsletter twice a year. The newsletter contains articles on FA-related research, scientific information about FA, and stories of families coping with FA.

Info to share with your doctor: Besides the Clinical Care Guidelines, there a few other information sheets you can share with your physician(s) and dentist.

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Advancing Fanconi Anemia Science

We believe that research is the answer to one day making Fanconi anemia a treatable condition rather than a fatal disease. After years dedicated to gene identification, improving bone marrow transplantation, and uncovering connections to breast and other cancers, FA scientists are now poised to create less toxic therapies and improve and extend lives. Read about our funded research.