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A first of its kind clinical care path to preventing, detecting, and treating FA cancer

The Fanconi Anemia Cancer Consortium (FACC) is a collaborative partnership between the FA community and a network of clinicians and physician scientists who have expertise in the diagnosis and management of FA cancers and FA cancer research. Launched in 2022, the FACC aims to streamline cancer care decision-making processes for patients with FA through evidence-based research.

FACC programs and research projects that patients can choose to participate in will include:

  • early detection cancer screening
  • accurate diagnosis of pre-malignant and malignant tumors
  • tumor profiling
  • virtual tumor board review of clinical care plans
  • cancer care
  • access to psychosocial support programs specific for adults with FA who face a cancer diagnosis.

Patients and their families will also have the opportunity to participate actively as patient advocates in FACC programs to support research and accelerate approvals for potential therapies.

The FACC is a global consortium with primary sites at the National Institutes of Health (the clinical coordinating center for the FACC), the University of Düsseldorf, The Rockefeller University, and British Columbia Cancer Research Institute. The current and future FACC sites have been chosen based on pre-existing partnerships and records of collaborative success, diverse expertise in relevant clinical and research-based specialties, and excellence in clinical and translational research involving FA patients.

Because FA is so rare, no single center has been able to acquire sufficient patient numbers to adequately assess the natural history of FA cancers to improve prevention and treatment strategies; therefore, in the next few years, the FACC will expand to include FA Centers of Excellence where sizable numbers of FA patients are treated in North America.

The Fanconi Anemia Cancer Consortium is made possible thanks to donors of the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund and our partners at Fanconi Canada. Thank you, Fanconi Canada, for pledging your support for a portion of this important initiative.

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