Fanconi anemia 101

Fanconi anemia is an inherited DNA-repair disorder that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer. FA is considered a multi-system disease. It is a complex and chronic disorder that is psychologically demanding. FA is also a cancer-prone disease, affecting patients decades earlier than the general population.

Other Resources

Fanconi Anemia Rockefeller University
This database was established to increase the availability of information related to Fanconi anemia. The site contains data that has been reported in the literature plus unpublished data for people who agree to follow certain guidelines.

North American Pediatric Aplastic Anemia Consortium (NAPAAC)
The North American Pediatric Aplastic Anemia Consortium (NAPAAC) is a collaborative research effort that seeks to develop better therapies for children with aplastic anemia by combining the expertise and resources of the leading pediatric hematologists in North America.

Gene Reviews: Fanconi anemia
This site contains a comprehensive discussion of Fanconi anemia by Parinda A Mehta, MD, from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Jakub Tolar, MD, Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.

Video: Fanconi Anemia - Clinical Management and Considerations, a Case-Based Discussion
Dr. Bonnie Lau (Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Dartmouth School of Medicine) gives an overview of FA as part of the educational webinar series on bone marrow failure, provided by the North American Pediatric Aplastic Anemia Consortium.