FARFTank2019 FARF Tank contestants, judges, and Sharkeys at the 2019 Scientific Symposium

What is FARF Tank?

An exciting opportunity offered by FARF to allow up and coming researchers an opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas to the Fanconi anemia scientific community and win a $10,000 grant.

Up to 10 contestants have only five minutes each to pitch their ideas to nearly 400 audience members and our panel of judges. At the end, the audience votes for the project they think most deserves the $10,000 grant. The judges also choose a winner.

2019 Winners​

People’s Choice Winner: Sylvie van Twest

Judges’ Choice Winner: Adam Nelson

2018 Winners​

People’s Choice Winner: Allison Bartlett for “Serotonin - A Novel Target in FA”

Judges’ Choice Winner: Lianne Vriend for “Addition of mild hyperthermia to improve treatment of FA/BRCA pathway deficient head and neck cancer in Fanconi anemia patients