How to Help

All over the world, children and adults with Fanconi anemia and their families count on the research we fund and the support services we provide. This global movement needs you, too! You can help achieve our mission in several ways:

We rely on individual donations from people just like you to keep working toward our mission.

Attend an event
There are events all over the US (and beyond) to raise money for FA research and family support services. Find one near you today!

Create your own fundraiser! It’s empowering, fun, and rewarding to contribute to the cause. We’ll help you at each step! We’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure your fundraiser is a success.

Honor the legacy of your loved one(s) by creating a memorial page. Share her/his story, photos, and give friends and family the opportunity to make a gift in his/her memory.

International Support Grants
Although FARF is based in the United States, FA research, families, and support organizations span the entire globe. To strengthen the efforts of our partners in the international FA community, FARF has established the International FA Support Grant program. Learn if you're eligible to apply.

Our Impact

Supporting research & education since 1989

We envision a future in which we can prevent and/or eliminate the primary causes of death and disability in people with FA, enabling them to live full and productive lives. To us, the best way to do this is by funding research. That’s why most of our budget is committed to research. We also support families by providing them with education and other services, like our annual family camp and our meeting for adults with FA.

Income and Expenses - 2021
Income and Expenses - 2021