Info to Share with Your Doctor

Because FA is a rare disease, many of your local physicians may not be familiar with treating someone with FA. It’s important for you to provide your/your child’s physician(s) with information specific to the diagnosis and management of FA. The best resource you can offer physicians is a copy of the Clinical Care Guidelines, available online. We are also happy to provide you and/or your physician with copies free of charge, upon request.

Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is a significant threat to people with FA, regardless of bone marrow transplantation status. Not only is the incidence of HNSCC considerably higher than in the general population (500-700 times higher), patients with FA present with these types of cancers at a younger age than those without FA. Regular screenings are critically important.

To help you communicate the urgency of this issue with healthcare professionals, we’ve prepared two flyers: one for dentists and one for ear, nose and throat doctors (ENTs).The flyers include specific instructions on how to conduct a thorough oral cancer screening exam. We recommend that you take a flyer with you to every visit with your ENT physician and dentist. You can request copies from our office or download the files.

SCC Fact Sheet for Dentists:

SCC Fact Sheet for ENTs:

*Special thanks to FA parent and oral surgeon, David Fiaschetti, who consulted on this project.

Detecting Oral Cancer: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

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