International FA Support Grants


The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund (FARF) is the world leader in advancing research for better treatments and a cure for Fanconi anemia (FA). Founded in 1989 by parents Lynn and David Frohnmayer, FARF has supported more than 230 grants to 74 institutions and 150+ investigators worldwide. Over the last 30 years, our outstanding donors have enabled us to fund $24 million in research grants. Our mission is to find better treatments and a cure for Fanconi anemia and to provide education and support services to affected families worldwide.

Although FARF is based in the United States, FA research, families, and support organizations span the entire globe. To strengthen the efforts of our partners in the international FA community, FARF has established the International FA Support Grant program.

FARF will award up to $10,000 for one-year projects to international FA support organizations or individuals wishing to establish support organizations internationally. These awards occur annually and require submission of a full application by the indicated due date.

2020 Grant Cycle

2019 Grant Recipients

Group: Un Corazon por Fanconi
Country: Dominican Republic
Project: Diagnostic protocol and support for FA patients in the DR: Diagnostic protocol and support for FA patients in the DR. Un Corazon por Fanconi is a newly established foundation currently focused on raising awareness and funds. This project focuses on developing a diagnostic protocol for FA patients in the Dominican Republic, providing support services for FA families, and building organizational capacity. With help from experienced FA researchers in Mexico, the team in the DR will work to form a network of doctors who can learn about the diagnosis and management of FA. This project is led by an adult with FA, Ana Tabar.
Amount awarded: $10,000

Group: Fanconi Anaemia Support Australasia (FASA)
Country(ies): Australia and New Zealand
Project: Creation of an FA support group in Australasia: Creation of an FA support group in Australasia. The aim of this project is to establish a support group for families and individuals with FA in Australasia, which will help build knowledge of FA within the existing medical infrastructure. A relatively small population of people with FA spread out around Australia and New Zealand results in a lack of experienced FA specialists. Fanconi Anaemia Support Australasia will formalize efforts started by St. Vincent’s Institute in Melbourne to engage with the local FA community, build awareness, and build a stronger medical infrastructure. This project is led by an FA family (the Hawkshaw family), with support from FA researchers.
Amount awarded: $10,000

Group: Fanconi Hope & Fanconi Anemie Werkgroep of the VOKK (Dutch Association of Parents with Children with Cancer) Nederland

Country(ies): United Kingdom and Netherlands
Project: Creation of an FA Europe Group: This project aims to unite the existing FA support groups across the 23 member states of the European Union into an umbrella group that will increase collaboration between countries, as well as augment partnerships with EU healthcare networks and pharmaceutical companies. FA Europe will connect patients, clinicians, and scientists, and act as a facilitator for fundraising, sharing best practices and collaborating on research efforts. The group will use the grant to carry out the start-up meeting between countries in April 2020. This project is led by the Fanconi Anemie Werkgroep in the Netherlands and Fanconi Hope in the United Kingdom.
Amount awarded: $10,000