Meeting for Adults with FA

The Meeting for Adults with FA takes place every fall in a different city (except 2020 and 2021, which were virtual). It’s an opportunity for individuals with FA ages 18+ to meet other adults with FA, learn about medical and research updates, attend support sessions, and participate in voluntary research studies.

Scientific Symposium

This meeting is typically held in conjunction with FARF’s annual Scientific Symposium. Attendees from both meetings share meals together, including the annual Symposium banquet dinner. Adult Meeting attendees are welcome to attend Symposium sessions as well.

Meeting cost

Apart from your travel expenses, there is no cost to attend this meeting. Lodging and meals are provided. FARF also has a scholarship program to help with travel expenses. Adults with FA may bring a guest (or guests) such as a friend, a support person, or a family member to the meeting, though one hotel room will be offered per family or group. FARF will reserve your room for you once your registration has been confirmed. Childcare is not offered at the meeting.

2021 meeting

This year’s meeting was held virtually on September 4, 2021.

Videos from the 2020 Meeting