You can make a difference

Our fundraisers are essential to the success of our mission. Not only do they provide instrumental funding to advance research and support FA families, they help educate others about why FA research matters and how it benefits those affected by cancer, too.

What’s remarkable about our organization is the way many FARF-funded researchers leverage their FARF grants to go on to receive much larger government or institution-based funding. This means the impact of your fundraising and donations grows exponentially.

Here are just a couple remarkable achievements made possible by our dedicated fundraisers:

Research Breakthroughs: donations have led to the discovery of 23 genes, uncovered connection between FA and cancer, and skyrocketed survival rates for bone marrow transplants. We now have more adults with FA than children in our community! And in 2022, fundraising success supported a total of $2,874,852 awarded to 9 new and ongoing research projects, with a major focus on cancer.

Community Support Programs: Through your contributions, we have expanded our support programs, offering a lifeline to people with FA and their caregivers and families. These programs include caregiver, patient advocacy, grief support, 1:1 psychosocial support, and a Virtual Tumor Board to help those with a cancer diagnosis.

This is the power of a united and driven community! Want to join this incredible group of dedicated fundraisers?

Fundraiser Ideas

Supporting FA Research & Families has never been easier

Get Creative

Donate your birthday, run a 5K, climb a mountain, host a dinner! The options are endless!

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