Brettany Frederick

FA Research Fund - Marketing Manager

Brettany Frederick

Brettany moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon, where she majored in General Science with minors in Biology and Chemistry. She then continued her education to obtain certification as a surgical technologist and practiced the profession for several years. While pursuing these degrees, Brettany developed her skills as an illustrator and graphic artist. She published an educational children’s science book during her undergraduate degree.

Brettany brings to FARF her devotion to help people, her creativity, and her love of science. She began her time at FARF in 2021, working closely with fundraisers and community members to organize and optimize their fundraising efforts. In 2023 expanded her marketing skills in other areas of the organization, spreading FARF's mission and work through social media, email marketing, and publications.

An Oregon native, Brettany loves to be outdoors, go on camping trips, and she'a a major animal lover.