Isis Sroka, PhD

FA Research Fund - Scientific Director

Isis Sroka

Isis brings both scientific and nonprofit expertise to FARF and the wider FA community: she earned a doctorate in cancer biology from the University of Arizona in 2007 and a certificate in nonprofit management from the University of Oregon in 2016. She was an NIH-funded cancer researcher at the University of Arizona for over 10 years, where she focused her research on the role of nerves and environment on tumor growth. Following this, Isis worked as a biomedical research consultant and coach for academic centers across the country, contributing to federal grant proposals focused on clinical and basic research.

As Scientific Director, Isis oversees all scientific and clinical initiatives, including the grants process, the FA registry, Virtual Tumor Board, and scientific meetings, among other duties. Isis works closely with the Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Board to advance FARF's scientific priorities. “I am very excited to bring new ideas and direction to the research focus of the organization, and to work with all the brilliant minds of the FA community on a path of discovery to combat FA. Ultimately, I am excited about the possibility of contributing to a solution that will one day eliminate suffering from this disease.” In her free time, Isis enjoys running and exploring the many nature trails in Oregon.

What and who inspires you?
My children, curiosity about the natural world and science, individuals who rise above hardship, and the possibility of influencing change and making a lasting and positive impact on the world.