Jacob Corn, PhD


Jacob Corn

Professor of Genome Biology
ETH Zurich
Berkeley, USA

The Corn Lab develops and uses next-generation genome editing and regulation technologies. They work on both fundamental biological discovery and potential therapies for human genetic diseases. Our focus is the mechanisms by which cells repair their DNA, maintain and differentiate hematopoietic stem cells, and use ubiquitin signaling to propagate cellular signals. Through technology development, mechanistic cellular biochemistry, and translational projects, they are working to unravel complex cellular phenotypes to further biological understanding and improve human health.

Jacob is committed to the improvement of human health through the fundamental understanding of disease mechanisms. Over the last fifteen years he has bridged academia and industry, working in therapeutic areas that include infectious disease, neurobiology, and oncology. His graduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley redefined our understanding of DNA replication and his postdoctoral work at the University of Washington computationally designed protein inhibitors from scratch. Prior to joining the Innovative Genomics Institute, Jacob was a group leader at Genentech where he discovered biological mechanisms for challenging therapeutic targets. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys long backpacking trips and rock climbing.

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