Some of the brightest researchers in the world have worked on FA. Our 156 grantees come from a variety of science disciplines and they’re all working toward the same goal: to find better treatments and a cure for Fanconi anemia.

All funded researchers - current and past - are listed here alphabetically, with their corresponding institution at the time of funding.

Helmut Hanenberg

Heinrich Heine University

Michael Harkey

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Kevin Haworth

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Laura Hays

Oregon Health & Science University

Nyla A. Heerema

Indiana University School of Medicine

Maureen Hoatlin

Oregon Health & Science University

Holger Hoehn

University of W

Thomas Hollis

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Niall Howlett

University of Michigan School of Medicine

Shobbir Hussain

University of Cambridge

Balkrishar Jahagirdar

University of Minnesota

Maria Jasin

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center