Supported Research

Pathogenesis, clinical and treatment outcomes, and molecular characteristics of anogenital squamous cell carcinomas in individuals with Fanconi Anemia

2020 | University of Washington & The Rockerfeller University | Research Grant

Amount Funded: $150,589

Individuals with FA have an increased risk of developing anogenital squamous cell carcinoma (cancer of the vulva, cervix, vagina, or anus), but the best and safest way to treat these cancers in individuals with FA is unknown because only a small numbers of cases have been published in the medical literature, often with incomplete information and follow-up. We will identify individuals with FA who have been diagnosed with anogenital cancer, collect detailed information about their cancers, treatment, and outcomes with long-term follow-up, and test available tumor samples for genetic mutations and other changes. This information will help us to understand how these cancers usually behave and learn the best way to treat these cancers.

Researchers: Kathryn Pennington, Agata Smogorzewska